Lazarovici & Partners advised various private clients, both local and international, providing business-oriented solutions in connection with brands, designs, inventions, creations, know-how and the related areas of advertising, media, sports and entertainment.

  • intellectual property rights – IPRs registration: national trademarks (before OSIM), Community trademarks (OHIM), international trademarks (WIPO), copyright – software and any other protected works of art (ORDA)
  • managing copyright, trademark, model and design portfolios, including assistance with updating the legal status of IPRs in the relevant journals (i.e., ORDA, OSIM, OHIM/WIPO)
  • assistance during the administrative proceedings (i.e., oppositions and appeals against IPRs registrations)
  • exclusive and non-exclusive licenses for users, in view of obtaining the mandatory/non-mandatory authorizations granted by the collective management societies
  • supply system contracts, software licensing and distribution, software development, maintenance and support
  • IPRs-related litigation